Jon Wayne Freeman Weirds Out Cam Richards, Earns New Nickname

Last week during Episode 4 of the “Ultra-Core Surf Hour”, our hero Jon Wayne Freeman set off on a journey of self-discovery along the wave-rich coastline of Santa Cruz, California. His goal was to find some waves, meet a few locals and maybe earn a nickname like Jason "Ratboy" Collins or Peter "The Condor" Mel.

In this week's episode, Jon continues on his Northern California vision quest. He meets up with (and slightly creeps out) pro surfer Cam Richards, samples the area's finest waves and meets up with legendary shaper William "Stretch" Riedel who gives Jon some--let's say, interesting--insider knowledge on how to gain respect in local lineups. Click play to find out which nickname the Santa Cruz locals bestow upon Jon and check back next week to find him trying to subdue the eggy vibes in a particular SoCal lineup.
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