The Dustbox Wins Short Film Of The Year—2020 SNOWBOARDER Awards


Featuring: Dan Mcgonagle, Robby Meehan, Cody Warble, Cooper Whittier, Noah Peterson, Rob Roethler, Nick Erickson, Jonas Harris, Brett Kulas, Yugo114, Keegan Hosefros, Reid Smith, and Benny Milam

Filmed by: Miles Perrault
Edited by: Cody Warble and Cooper Whittier

In the spirit of the snowboard crew, a group of friends who coagulate at the base of a mountain, pack too many people into too little space in order to spend less time working and more time riding, and evolve from the un- or nearly-known to the rising generation comes The Dust Box. Like those that came before them, the SKIDS, the Wildcats, Trulli Clan, 1817, residents of a variety of houses on the PSU campus (and then some), the members of Dust Box have not-so-quietly made their presence known from their home base in Salt Lake City, amassing a steadily growing following that increases in parallel to the street spots they claim. While over the past few years their individual exploits have been fodder for Instagram and digital snowboarding media and they’ve made impressions at events like The Launch, HDHR, SKOLF, and more, in 2019 they pooled their skillsets along with filmer, Miles Perrault for a lo-fi short feature aptly titled, The Dust Box Presents. While The Dust Box Presents is chock full of quality riding and apt lifeys put together in a way that almost feels nostalgic for a time before any of the riders were even born, it’s also unequivocal proof of the coming tide in street snowboarding. A self-made showcase of the individuals that are leaving more and more of a mark each winter—a mark that is overflowing with style. Men’s Rider of the Year nominee Red Gerard enjoyed Dust Box, noting, “They did it all on their own with good snowboarding, and I did not get bored once,” while Max Warbington echoed a sentiment shared by many of his peers, “Dust Box is the future.”

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