#43 - Speed World Champion - Twan Verseput - The Windsurfing Podcast

Twan Verseput is one of the first new-generation speed-focused pro windsurfers and currently the Worlds 3rd fastest man on 500 meters. But is he actually a pro? What does it take to go down the Luderitz canal at 100kph peaks. What kind of gear and training does he use? Does being absolutely massive help? And what does he think about the Facebook Speed World Championships? This and much more on the newest installment of The Windsurfing Podcast!

0:00 Intro, Dutch conditions
8:28 How many speed days a year?
12:07 Size matters? Volleyball Pro

19:04 PWA Slalom
22:33 Luderitz experience
34:05 What's the limits?
39:03 Sponsors, making a living?
44:30 Slalom sailors v Speed sailors
49:05 How to get into speed sailing
53:19 Strength, weight, fitness and goals
1:01:21 Worst crash, best spots
1:08:31 Future plans
1:13:00 Quickfire

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