Ireland's Mullaghmore Slab is a Cold Water Teahupo'o | Amp Sessions | SURFER Magazine

With big-wave spots like Jaws and Mavs taking center stage over the winter and early spring months, it's easy to forget that those breaks don’t have a monopoly on mountainous, terrifying tubes. Above, a cadre of hardy Irish surfers remind us that Hawaii and California aren't the only places inhabited by hollow, harrowing waves and hard-charging hellmen. The two minutes of footage showcase surfers Gearoid McDaid, Enda Curran, Ryan Watts, Angus Scotney, Noah Lane and Conor Macguire tackling an infamous Mullaghmore—pulling into throaty caverns with timing that demonstrates years of home-court knowledge and experience. If you've ever worn booties and gloves thicker than 3-mill, you're aware of how incredibly difficult it is to surf average waves covered head to toe in a suffocating amount of neoprene. Now imagine slotting yourself into Mack-truck-sized tubes donning that much rubber.
Extreme Water Sports
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