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In this #TeamTalk video we take a closer look at the Duotone Academy APP and its usability. How this APP can be an extremely useful learning tool for you on your kitesurfing journey. Whether you like freestyle, hooked tricks, unhooked tricks, wave, strapless, foiling or any style of kiteboarding, we have tutorial content that will help you to learn.

Through the APP you can also contact our team riders, ask questions to the community and engage in tips and tricks that will help you develop your skills and get the most out of your Duotone Equipment. The community element also allows you to upload your trick videos and get feedback and score community points based on your performance.

Regardless of which equipment you use, which brand you ride with, this is a tool for everyone. It will push your progression and add to the learning journey with a social element that can make learning new tricks even more fun!

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Video Produced by @tom court
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