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It’s wave pool fever in this episode of Clips Of The Month! Out of the ten available spots, four of the best waves ridden in June came from a chlorinated wave tank in the middle of Waco, Texas–including the winner, Kevin Schulz’s loony backflip, which many are calling the best air ever landed in a pool. Other highlights from Waco include Ian Crane’s backside stale-three, Mason Ho’s frontside Judo and Curren Caples’ skate-inspired backside punt, which all made the cut. Of course, the ocean is still a thing, and you won’t find a ramp in Texas to rival the one Julian Wilson hits in Australia in spot #2. Until wave pool tech starts pumping out sections like that one, the only place you’ll find Wilson doing a 6-foot slob is in his natural habitat. Click play for a 2-minute look at the best surfing that went down last month.

#1: Kevin Schulz | Waco, Texas
Filmed by Kyle Flath

#2: Julian Wilson | Australia
Filmed by Jimmy Lees

#3: Billy Kemper, Teahupo’o, Tahiti
Filmed by Andrew Kaineder

#4: Ian Crane | Waco, Texas
Filmed by Jimmicane

#5: Mason Ho | Waco, Texas
Filmed by Riordan Pringle

#6: Craig Anderson | Australia
Filmed by Dave Fox

#7: Curren Caples | Waco, Texas
Filmed by Kyle Buthman

#8: Benji Brand | Teahupo’o, Tahiti
Filmed by Brand

#9: Jordy Smith | Mainland Mexico
Filmed by O’Neill

#10: Parker Coffin | Western Australia
Filmed by Ryan Perry
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