INSTABLAST! - COP BOMB DROPS SQUAD CAR!? LONGEST Blunt Slide Ever!!! Skateboarding Chimp, Vans

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Welcome to Instablast episode 250. Every Wednesday or somethin well compile the best clips from Metro Instagram hashtag #metrogrammed. If youd like your skating featured just tag your IG uploaded skate vids #metrogrammed follow us on Insta @metroskateboarding and well put you on blast every week!

This ep. features the skateboarding of:
Bombdrop Squad car @craighanaumi bellevuewapolicerecruiting
kickflip Back 5-0 chelsea castro @lilshredr
Fakie Late Shuv Body Varial @bryan.arnett
Grass Hill Bomb to Telephone Pole Crash @brumadinhohotboy
Skate Treadmill Cross Fit? @asphaltposerclub
Longest Bluntslide - Dane Burman @daneburman
First Time Drop In - @da_chinkmann
Huge Tre Flip at Venice Skatepark - Devin Bagnoli @devinbagnoli
Shuv Pump Shuv - Taylor Nawrocki @epiclytaylerd
Front Feeble Grind Hardflip Out Ethan loy @ethanloy
Pinched Back Overkrook @felipenunesskate
50 50 Up Rail to accidental Heelflip Out - @gasparjonny
Switch Hardflip Rewind, 360 Inward Heel, Switch 180 Late Front Foot Flip, Nollie Backside 360 Late Flip @its_turkey
Cruising For A Bruising @ivanmonteirosk8
Boneless Smith Grind Kickflip Out Jesse Boudreau @jjboudreau

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