2018 Paralympic Silver Medalist Brittani Coury Explores Solitude on a Rare Day Off

As a member of the US Paralympic team, Brittani Coury trains all winter at Snowbird in Utah. You might think her proximity to some of the best riding in the country means that she regularly chases powder across the Wasatch, but you’d be underestimating the time commitment required to compete among the world’s best while holding down a career as a nurse. This winter, we caught up with Coury as she explored nearby Solitude, thanks to a rare down day and her Ikon Pass. Beyond the joy of checking out an entirely new zone buried under a foot of or so of new snow, we learn about her unexpected path to a silver medal in Banked Slalom at the 2018 Paralympic Games. It turns out, a passion for snowboarding and the mountains can do more than just sustain people — it can drive them to new heights.

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