"Fast & Loose" | A Film about Mark Richards and the Evolution of the Twin Fin (TRAILER)

Crack open any dictionary on earth and look up the word “fun”, and you’ll invariably find it defined as “a twin-fin surfboard.” What? That’s not true? Well, it damn-well should be, because there may be no more enjoyable feeling in the world than the skatey joy of flying down the line on a twinny.

We wanted to make a film celebrating the performance twin-fin, where it’s come from and where it’s going, and to tell that story is to also tell the story of four-time world champion Mark Richards. So we got in touch with MR, who was gracious enough to not only give us his time, but to also shape a few boards for the project: a set of Retro Twins nearly identical to what Richards surfed to his world titles and a set of modern Super Twins with updated design elements and trailer options, which were put to the test by Zeke Lau, Kael Walsh and Noah Collins.

The resulting film, called “Fast & Loose”, is blend of something old and something new. It’s a look back to the twinny’s radical lineage, and a glimpse at its continuing performance evolution. But most importantly, it’s always fun—as it should be when you’re talking twins.

Watch the trailer above, and check back soon for the full film.
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