The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Beta—Finn Westbury Full Part

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Finn Westbury is a product of his environment, an upbringing that is both prairie and peaks. He grew up in a sea of steel opportunity in Calgary, Alberta where he and his twin brother JJ sharpened their jibbing chops at the Canadian Olympic Park, a hill that boats terrain park hot laps in place of vertical drop. The elevation increases in Banff National Park just outside of Calgary, where steeper terrain allowed Finn to further hone his flow and style. This topographical duality provided the proving ground for Finn’s sensibility when it comes to carving, catching air, and hitting street spots: he is at once quick and calculated, loose and smooth. Couple this with an uncanny motivation and it’s easy to see how Finn’s star has been steadily rising with each iteration of the DIY SRD movies (in which he has been instrumental on both the riding and filming sides) and most recently, Twist, a film he edited in its entirety. This past winter, Finn signed on for BETA and the results of his efforts are further proof that this young Canadian has a bright future, so we should amend our previous statement: Finn Westbury is a product of his environment and of course, a hell of a lot of natural talent and drive.

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