Jon Wayne Freeman's Vision Quest Might Not End Well | Ultra Core Surf Hour Episode 4

In the first two episodes of the "Ultra-Core Surf Hour", Jon Wayne Freeman took to lineups around Southern California to hone his above-the-lip skills (of which he has none) in order to become a middle-aged aerial wizard. In last week's episode, Jon traveled up to Newport Beach to surf the Wedge and make an attempt at becoming a pro surfer through the scoring of an elusive sponsorship deal (if you'd like to see how wildly successful Jon was at both efforts, click here and here).

For this week's episode, Jon ventures up north to Santa Cruz to channel the energy of area's legendary locals. "In the '90s, they were known for their aerial surfing, their high-performance, edgy, rough, incredible timing, bravado in big waves....and also their nicknames," says Jon in the episode above. "I want a nickname like Jason "Ratboy" Collins, Peter "The Condor" Mel, like Randy, like Darrel "Flea" Vir...Vir..."

Jon hoped to leave Santa Cruz branded with a memorable nickname and a few epic waves under his belt. But did he accomplish that? Find out in the episode above, which sees Jon chatting with locals, chickening out of what looks to be an all-time session, wandering through a random forest to seek inspiration/a nickname and calling Nat Young "a son of a bitch", the reason for which will become clear once you hit play.
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