Chippa Wilson's Unconventional Quiver | SURFER Magazine

"I don't know how to talk about a surfboard, for real," laughs Chippa Wilson, in our latest episode of Quivers. "Normally if anyone asks me about a board I'm just like....yeah."

Fortunately for Wilson, his freakish ability on a surfboard means he's allowed to let his surfing do all of the talking. And it doesn't matter on what, either. From a shortboard, to a performance soft top, and even standing on a boogie board -- nobody else in the world rides a wave like Wilson.

When it comes to his go-to shortboards, Wilson is loyal to his local shaper. He's been riding a 5'6" from MH Surfboards for the last 16 years. But, as you'll see in the clip above, Wilson's quiver is far from standard, and also includes a 6'0" channel bottomed Simon Jones gun (a "Rhino Chaser" as Wilson calls it), as well as a couple variations of soft tops — some with fins, and some without. "Soft tops are the funnest thing in the world, and that's why you get them," says Wilson. "They don't hurt you, and you can hurt them."

And if you're Wilson, you can do airs on them, too.
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