Should The Next Cape Fear Event Run at This Brazilian Slab? SURFER

Triple-ups, waves thicker than they are tall, below-sea-level slabs, tow-ins--we must be talking about Shipstern Bluff, right? Not exactly. Itacoatiara, Brazil--as we discovered last week on social media--is home to some very heavy waves. The latest discovery, a wave named "Shock", has caught the eye of local pros and tow teams. Last week, Daniel Rodrigues, Felipe Cesarano, Gabriel Sampaio, Ian Vas and Ziul Andueza whipped into a handful of these Brazilian mutant waves and they have the edit above to show for it.

What's strange and equally is impressive is that this new wave is both a slab and a wedge, a bounce off the cliff adds an extra element of surprise. See for yourself in this little edit filmed by Lucca Biot and Matheus Couto.
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