Ep- 3 – Pozo Training Diaries – 2019

Episode 3… is OUT!!
NEW – Pozo Training Diaries

In this Episode…

- We take a look at the Mens Top 4... Strengths and weaknesses

- Also a look at the Women top 5... Can anyone beat the queen of Pozo!

- RocketMan is Back... and there is a NEW Rocket man in town.

- The Freestyle World Champ wants to become a ROCK star.

- We Name a Random Ripper

- The K4 SPRAY of the day is Back.. YES I did just say that!

- The junior are out in force... and Shrunkabeck has just nailed his first Pushloops!

- Plus we introduce another NEW Feature 'Why are you crying'

...and we Give you the Chance to WIN a Board from F2 (Plus Sup's and a Sail)
You just have to become a member by support the channel with Beer Money… you are truly helping the channel survive… or at least stopping me from dehydrating!!

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