Twisted Development Yamaha YZ125 two stroke Project - Motocross Action Magazine

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Our Twisted Development Yamaha YZ125 2 Stroke that we had built for a 3 bike 125 project shootout for the magazine. Although the Yamaha in stock trim is down on power in comparison to the KTM or Husqvarna that doesn't mean you can't push some extra ponies out of it. With the help of the Twisted Development crew in the engine department and TBT suspension we were able to make this Yamaha YZ125 stand a fighting chance up against our Project KTM 125SX and Husqvarna TC125 . Which bike came out victorious? You'll have to wait for the shootout video for that information. Check out what we thought of this YZ125 and stay up to date on all our video releases by hitting that subscribe button.

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