TROUBLE: The Lisa Andersen Story (TRAILER)

Last year, surf journalist Chas Smith was busy putting the finishing touches on his new documentary, “Trouble: The Lisa Andersen Story”, when we rang him for an interview about the forthcoming film about one of the most recognizable names in surfing. "Lisa was always one of my favorite surfers to watch," he told us. "How she approaches surfing is so beautiful and what she does is so amazing."

Smith was drawn to the 4x World Champ for many reasons, one of them being the fact that he felt her story had been undertold in the past. "I felt like her story hadn't been told the same way as the Bustin' Down the Door guys or Kelly, or whatever," Smith told us. "There are a bunch of great surf documentaries, but I don't know that there's one about one specific woman. To me Lisa is the one. She should be the first."

Andersen ran away from her Florida home when she was only 16 years old, and the road to becoming a 4x World Champ--and the unofficial face of women's surfing in the '90s--was far from easy. It's that the story--the one with all of Andersen's highs and lows--that Smith helps to share in his new documentary, which is now available for purchase on iTunes. If you'd like to watch it, click here:
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