BIG AIR Kite Comparison with Lasse Walker #TEAMTALK

Whilst I was in Cape Town before the 2020 Red Bull King of the Air this season, I took the chance to meet up with a few of our team riders and shoot some #teamtalk episodes. In this one Lasse Walker talks us through what he things separates the different kites in our ranged based on the feeing of the kite and how they perform when related to big air, jumps and hang time.

Sometimes it can be hard to choose which kite is good for your and although they are explained, often what makes the biggest difference is feeling. This can be hard to gauge without trying each kite by yourself. So let Lasse talk you through the Rebel, Dice, Evo and Vegas to choose which kite would make the most sense for you!?

This is a #teamtalk episode shot and produced by @tom court
#duotonesports #truekiteboarding #settingthetone

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