Can Jon Wayne Freeman Fix the Bad Vibes In California Lineups? | Ultra Core Surf Hour Episode 6

"In surfing, the vibe is everything," says Jon Wayne Freeman, in the season finale of "Ultra-Core Surf Hour" (above). "And one of the places where you'll find some of the worst, darkest vibes in the world are in the parking lot before you even hit the water. You'll see older guys staring at ya, you'll younger guys vibing you. Well guess what? I'm tired of it."

In the newest episode of "UCSH", Jon gets fed up with the bad vibes that seem to permeate certain lineups in and around Southern California. "The grumpy, mean, scary-vibe locals -- I don't want to be apart of that scene anymore," Jon explains. "After all, we're just men in skin-tight suits, dancing for each other in the water, performing... It's time for the dawn of a new era -- a kook-friendly era. Let's help bring the change."

As you'll see when you click play above, Jon tries to "bring the change" and banish eggy vibes in SoCal surf culture by killing people with kindness at his local surf spots. He offers other surfers free wax, creepily asks people if they need help applying their sunscreen up and hands out a superfluous amount of high fives and compliments in the water. But does Jon's strategy work? Does our humble host single-handedly change the face of surf cultureraise the stoke in lineups at large? Does he change the face of surf culture a
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