Harley Ingleby Takes An Obscure Piece Of Surf History For A Spin

The Shortboard Revolution was a helluva thing. The pace of the most-explosive period in surfboard design was break-neck, full of blink-and-you'll-miss-it concepts that may have worked just fine, but for one reason or another never really caught on. Case in point: a certain Bob Simmons-inspired twin-fin noserider acquired by Mark Ingleby, father of Australian longboarding ace and two-time world champ Harley Ingleby.

The senior Ingleby started collecting obscure surfboards back in the '80s—he's dedicated his entire house to the pursuit, in fact—which allowed his son Harley to have no shortage of unique and overlooked craft, like the magic twin, to put to the test and spark his imagination.

In the video above, Harley discusses what it was like to grow up with the ultimate board collection hanging over his head, before getting the backstory of the twin's design from local shaping icon Bill Tolhurst and taking it for a spin.
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